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Whole of last week I was working on this list that all of a sudden became the most important thing in my team. All this because the unrealistic deadline that was set was rushing faster than an f1 car towards my team and me particularly. With all the helter skelter and the increased man power and non stop working week (Yes, non stop working week – was getting about 3 hours of sleep every night) I was able to get the list completed but am sure it would have been of much better quality if we had more time in hand.

After a weeks hard work I took the next day (Tuesday and half of wednesday) off. Tuesday turned out to be the best day ever. Waking ut at 12.40 in the afternoon is some thing Ive never done in my 22 years of existence and trust me it did feel nice. Then I was wondering what to do for lunch cause I was hungry as hell and lazy as well. With 150 bucks in my wallet and my credit card I decided to call all my options to check if they accept credit cards on delivery and for some weird reason I wasnt surprised that no one takes credit cards on delivery. Then finally I decided to order a pepperoni pizza from Dominos cause a friend of mine kept whinnying that it was the best pizza ever. To my surprise the pizza dude was before time and I had to ask him to wait and ran to the closest atm to get some cash 😛 lol this is true and the closest atm was shut. Then went to another atm n got the cash n ran back n gave it to the poor guy who looked kind of scandalized. Then I ate my pizza (what else did u expect ??? :P) Then I had a nice wash n stuff n it started raining and was online for a bit and to conclude all of this i went to sleep at around 930pm and woke up at 830 and was too lazy to get ready and go to work. So here I am now writting all this down on my blog and hoping the cab I had requested for arrives by 11 and that I can go to work, not to complete my work but because I wont have to worry about lunch…… hahah just kidding


It has surely been long since I wrote some thing on my blog. During this time certain things have changed. Like the fact that I have moved away from my single room house (yes, single room with a attached toilet ) and am now living with 5 other guys who work with me at Google. The experience has been fun so far. Yes, you read it right, 6 guys living in one place. Trust me its a good, huge place with 3 bed rooms, a hall and a kitchen. Am sure youve already done the math that there are two guys in each room. All six of us are different kind of people and do get along preety well. This past month or two have been preety fun. Initially I was a little hesitant about living in a place with 5 other people. A friend of mine used to stay in a flat with 5 other people as well. I always used to ask her how do you guys manage and she would be like its not that bad living with so many people. It has its pros and cons. Till now ive had a good experience and hope it remains like this for a really long time.

Another thing that has really changed has been the amount of work that we/I have been doing. The last quarter or two have been preety hectic compared to the previous quarters that I have spent in Google. But let me tell you some thing. Im happier when I have some/alot of work to do. There used to be a time when I used to get done with work in a hour or two and used to learn to play pool at work. In the recent past things have changed and I have become preety busy working on multiple things and trying to do all of them well. But there is some thing good that has come out of this….. yes the answer is multi tasking and the other answer is that Ive actually learnt to play pool and play kinda decently.


Work in a speeding world

Work in a speeding world

Im sure every one at some point in time have given this a thought. If you havent, then may be you should. What makes people tick??? This is something a lot of working people keep asking themselves. Ive been working for a year and 3 months now for a top notch company in a decent job. Its not that Im not happy doing what Im doing. Im pretty happy and satisfied with what I do. But at the end of the day Im still wondering what am I doing this for and why am I doing this. Does a person have to work hard to acheive what?? What makes a ma/woman happy?? Does a big fat pay check guarantee happiness or does your dream car make you happy all the time. Theres always some thing you want to acheive, let that be a promotion or a job you always wanted or a person you always had a crush on. 


What makes people go to bed at night and wake up in the morning get dressed and go to work, No matter if your at the highest of positions or the secure od jobs your always wondering what am I doing and for how long do I have to do this and Im sure people who are very satisified with their jobs also think of these things. Is happiness the reason or is it wealth or is it family. What makes us tick. If you are the religious kind you will think God does this to us, if your a sci fi fan you will blame the alies. But still the answer to this question has not been attained. Man has been asking this question ever since there has been records of excistence of mankind.

More over why do we do all of this? Why did this need come from?? All these things are just things that man made and has gives too much importance to. Is this necessary. Do all the material things in life make it worth living. Why do people have suicidal tendencies. Why do people look for the truth behind things. There are many questions that have to be answered.