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Google has released its new WMD (Weapon Of Mass destruction) and its called Buzz. Those of you who are regular tweeters, Buzz is going to be paradise for you. Unlike Twitter you dont have a character limit (140 Characters in Twitter allowed) you can upload photos, videos, links etc directly in Buzz and all this directly from you GMail interface. Sure sounds good doesnt it. As of now only a few thousand accounts are able to view Buzz in their GMail, soon it should be available to all. This is Google’s answer to Twitter. Also, Buzz allows you to update statuses on multiple sites including Twitter, as of now it doesnt support Face Book. Personally I think Buzz is a great product but for it to be a Twitter killer could actually depends on if and when it allows updates on Face Book. Do let me know what you think about Buzz.


I was reintroduced to the world of blogging some time in Aaugust of this year (2008.) I always wondered how people had so many things to write about. Even after I started blogging, I was never able to get myself to blog on a regular basis. Sometimes, I still wonder what should I write about. A few times I thought of things to write about but never actuall wrote anything or in some cases published them. Yes, there have been times when I have written posts and I witheld from publishing them and just let them be private posts.

The reason why I am talking about this is I was just reading a few Tech blogs that I frequent because of the nature of my job. I often come across Twitter related sites and apps. This made me think, How on earth and why on earth would people want the whole world to know what they are doing at every second possible. I have seen people who twitter every few minutes, personally I dont think to much about twitter. In most circumstances when people know exactly what your doing at almost every second possible is called invasion of privacy. But what do you call it when you go around telling the world what your doing at every possible second??