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Fortunately or unfortunately I like in the same area as the chief minister of my city. Living in such a prime area does have it perks, but it also has some annoyances. A couple of months back the chief mister was killed in a chopper crash. What this meant for me was hoards of people who were his supporters and sympathizers were on the road, parking cars on the wrong side of the road, blocking traffic and causing a hindrance to passers-by. But personally the most annoying reason of staying close to some one like the chief minister is when the chief minister decides to leave his place the same time as you. Maybe us poor mortals should have a particular time slot every day when we can enter or leave the area near our houses. Most often than not the chief ministers convoy causes the traffic in the area to come to a halt and only the ministers convoy is let to drive on the road. Many a times when I come downstairs and am waiting for my office cab I am forced to wait for the convoy to pass.

Personally, I feel that if you are so afraid of being killed then why take up a post of that stature and power. If you are so scared of death and still want to be a politician you may as well travel in a regular car along with regular traffic. No one will be able to identify you and no one will try to kill you. What is the point of having 10 cars that travel with the chief ministers car. Also, another thing I find hilarious is that they block all the traffic on the roads when the convoy is passing-by but what about the multiple storied building that surround the area or even the fly over on the main road. Every lay man who has seen his or her share of Hollywood movies knows that a sniper can still cause the necessary damage.

Also, I would like to conclude with a saying of my own ” The more security you have, the more insecure you are”

Peace !