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One random day I heard about this movie with Arshad Warsi, Naseerudin Shah and Vidya Ballan in it.  I thought to my self it should be a good watch for sure. Finally the day arrived when the move that is ishqiya was in theaters. I finally managed to get tickets for th 8.15 pm show on the first day itself and if you’ve even seen any movie in India the fact that your getting a movie ticket so easily tells you a lot. After hearing vague reviews of the movie I went ahead and watched the movie with my room mate.

The movie to my surprise was very descent and not as slow as people were saying it was. Over the past few weeks I have watched movies like Dance pe Chance and Veer on day one so ishqiya was definitely a change and change that was worth my money and my time. All the actors in the movie have done a great job. Naseeruidin Shah and Arshad Warsi surprisingly had really good chemistry together 9not gay stuff ) and Warsi’s timing was impeccable. Also, the movie has some decent songs. As I am writing tis peice I am lisnign to the song Dil to bacha hai ji from the same movie.

Overall the movie is a must watch and some thing that does Indian cinema proud unlike movies like Veer and Chance pe dance.


After a some what depressing and tiering day me and my flatmate decided to go and watch Love Aaj Kal. Being a Monday we were able to find tickets for the night show. The movie has the most random beginning. The actors look like they have never heard of something called a script. The way the movie begins and in a short span it covers a lot of stuff that doesnt make much sense. The actors become a couple and start making out and have been seeing each other for a year (Super fat forward im guessing) and decide to break up and also decide to throw a break up party (Yes, a break up party) all in a matter of 10 mins.

Then comes the turn of Rishi Kapoor, who lets Saif order his black coffee after the cafe has closed for the day and slowly yet steadily he starts asking Saif questions regarding his personal life and in return starts telling him his love story.

The movie has a lot of terribly directed scenes and some of the scenes are direct lift offs from other well known Bollywood movies. The actors in the movie have done a pretty sad job and the only thing worse than that is the direction combined with the editing. In a movie which involves narration based in different countries and cities the editing has to be slick, but in this case it feels like the editor himself got confused and was wondering what he was supposed to do.

The only good thing about the movie is the music. The music has some chart busters like Twist and Ahhoon Ahhon. Personally you can give this movie a mis but Im sure you will want to find out for your self.


Hi people finally I am reviewing the much awaited Singh is Kinng. To begin with, my expectations weren’t too high for a movie of this sort. Personally, I expected the movie to be louder and with very stereotype and typecast characters and jokes ( which were present but not to the level I expected.) When ever a Sikh has been portrayed in Indian cinema, he’s always been a funny man or a dumbo on who’s expense people have fun. But to my surprise this movie was a bit different. It had the usual stupid jokes, a few loud characters and a very beautiful leading lady.

The movie as we all know is based on a don or should is say underworld king (because a king has 10-11 dons under him (a line from the movie itself)) from Australia and how apna very own Happy Singh tries to bring back the king (creatively called Lucky Singh) to Punjab. The movie sure isnt one that will make you think or will even make you ask your self why did you was 100 bucks (or more) to watch this movie.

The movie was like any other Akshay Kumar movie. Matlab it had good songs, fight sequences, romance, COMEDY, and a very beautiful leading lady (yup just making sure you know that Katrina’s beautiful, like you dint know) Achaa any way, the guy meets girl and is in love and girl has another boyfriend, girl hates criminals, guy becomes a criminal, guy is the hero of the movie so he cant be a criminal. Lol am sure all of you are wondering what happened to this guy writing the review.

The bottom line is that the movie is a total time pass flick, worth a watch if you want to have a few laughs. The first half is genuinely funny but the second half should have been better also I never thought I would ever say this about a Hindi movie but the second half should have been a little longer. The movie suddenly comes to an end and makes you wonder what the hell just happened. Coming to a little serious topic, the saddest part about the movie is that a movie made on Sikhs doesn’t have a single Sikh actor. Also, none of the characters had a complete beard or moustache. Not that that would make the movie any more appealing or interesting but imagine if a movie was made about a African tribe with a complete white star cast or a movie about India and Indians with white and a African American start cast.

Now coming back to another topic. The music in the movie is pretty good. Though I some how dint like it before watching the movie. The music line up has a few UK bhangra producers such as Tigerstyle and RDB and also has hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg or snoop dog jii (as Akshay said in a interview of his). Personally, I expected a little more banging tunes with a much more urban desi taste to it. However, the music is better than the usuall stuff and sound a little original for a change. The song Bhootni ke, which for no apparent reason is my favourite song. (Makes me laugh every time I listen to it.)

Now let me conclude by telling you that i give the movie 2.5 stars out of 5 simply because the delivers what was expexted (by the industry that is) full mazaa, massala, masti and laughter.

Please do go and watch the movie and decide for your self. And yes….please please pleaseeeeeeeee comment and tell your friends about the blog….