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At this point in time im a 23 year old working for a top multi national company. I am writing this as I am at the airport waiting for a flight home. I have been with this company for a little over three years and have worked on a couple of interesting processes/projects. However, the current role that I am filling is my most interesting and diverse role to date. Some times when I sit at this particular coffee shop at this airport I feel at home already, I feel like this is an integral part of my life as if I was made to travel the world to see and feel new things. Right now I am not traveling on any official work, I hardly do. But how I wish regular travel and wining-dining with important and influential people would become part of my life. Some times I think I am made for bigger and better things, but as usual we all have to come back to this thing called planet earth. I also wish and feel that traveling helps me put thing back into order in my life. I am a kind of person who gets obsessed(read used to) with things and people very easily and to date that has always backfired on me and has pulled me down. As I sit here I have thoughts about what I am going to do in my life, where would I be in a years time, would i have restarted my eduction, would I be single, would i be married or heck would I even be alive. By now you must have realized that Im not the most optimistic person but still how much harm can thinking an dreaming really do ?



Work in a speeding world

Work in a speeding world

Im sure every one at some point in time have given this a thought. If you havent, then may be you should. What makes people tick??? This is something a lot of working people keep asking themselves. Ive been working for a year and 3 months now for a top notch company in a decent job. Its not that Im not happy doing what Im doing. Im pretty happy and satisfied with what I do. But at the end of the day Im still wondering what am I doing this for and why am I doing this. Does a person have to work hard to acheive what?? What makes a ma/woman happy?? Does a big fat pay check guarantee happiness or does your dream car make you happy all the time. Theres always some thing you want to acheive, let that be a promotion or a job you always wanted or a person you always had a crush on. 


What makes people go to bed at night and wake up in the morning get dressed and go to work, No matter if your at the highest of positions or the secure od jobs your always wondering what am I doing and for how long do I have to do this and Im sure people who are very satisified with their jobs also think of these things. Is happiness the reason or is it wealth or is it family. What makes us tick. If you are the religious kind you will think God does this to us, if your a sci fi fan you will blame the alies. But still the answer to this question has not been attained. Man has been asking this question ever since there has been records of excistence of mankind.

More over why do we do all of this? Why did this need come from?? All these things are just things that man made and has gives too much importance to. Is this necessary. Do all the material things in life make it worth living. Why do people have suicidal tendencies. Why do people look for the truth behind things. There are many questions that have to be answered.