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Google has released its new WMD (Weapon Of Mass destruction) and its called Buzz. Those of you who are regular tweeters, Buzz is going to be paradise for you. Unlike Twitter you dont have a character limit (140 Characters in Twitter allowed) you can upload photos, videos, links etc directly in Buzz and all this directly from you GMail interface. Sure sounds good doesnt it. As of now only a few thousand accounts are able to view Buzz in their GMail, soon it should be available to all. This is Google’s answer to Twitter. Also, Buzz allows you to update statuses on multiple sites including Twitter, as of now it doesnt support Face Book. Personally I think Buzz is a great product but for it to be a Twitter killer could actually depends on if and when it allows updates on Face Book. Do let me know what you think about Buzz.


Hey people the G2 or the HTC Magic is going to be launched soon. Sooner than you expect actually. The Magic is set to release in India within the next two months. This is happening with a Vodafone tie up. Soo sooner than any of us thought the Magic will be in India even before it launches in the US. 

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Finally after months of waiting, the first google android mobile phone is out. It launched a couple of days ago in the USA. However, no date was disclosed for India. The phone should be out in India by mid or early next year.

Coming back to the specks of the phone. The phone is completely touch screen and has features that some top phones have and features that some dont have. The phone has a full QWERTY keyboard (not available in the iphone) and has a scroller ball (available in most blackberry phones.) The mobile has a few cool features like the phone is auto synced with your Gmail account. As in if you save a new contact (name, phone, address, email id etc) it gets saved automatically and almost immediately and can be accessed from your mail/computer. However, there are rumors that the phone does not allow people to use external software for mails like outlook etc. But the fact is that there are other methods and apps that allow you to do the same. This is where the benefit and advancement of open source comes into the picture. This will give many developers a avenue that they have always wanted to show case their talents by creating new, cool and useful apps.

Though there are a few negatives in the phone, such as you can use only one Google account with the phone. As in you cant login and log out and sign in with another Google account. To do so you will have to do a factory reset, which is definitely not a good option. But im sure that some one will surely come up with a app that allows you to run different account at the same time. Also, the fact that the phone doesnt have a video play has been criticised. Personally i do not agree with this criticism. Simply because there are many apps that allow most phones to play videos and people generally use external apps/softwares to play videos. And in this case im sure that there will be many great video players available very soon.

Another thing that this phone has been criticised for is that it comes with comparatively very low built in memory (1 and 8gig). Personally this shouldn’t be much of a problem because in the long run there will surely be more phones with much more memory.

Another thing we should remember is that the hype has been for the platform “ANDAROID” and not the phone necessarily. Another thing is that this is the only/first version of the software that has come out yet. Am sure there will be many more versions with many more cool and useful built in features.

Personally I would love to get my hands on this phone.

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