After a some what depressing and tiering day me and my flatmate decided to go and watch Love Aaj Kal. Being a Monday we were able to find tickets for the night show. The movie has the most random beginning. The actors look like they have never heard of something called a script. The way the movie begins and in a short span it covers a lot of stuff that doesnt make much sense. The actors become a couple and start making out and have been seeing each other for a year (Super fat forward im guessing) and decide to break up and also decide to throw a break up party (Yes, a break up party) all in a matter of 10 mins.

Then comes the turn of Rishi Kapoor, who lets Saif order his black coffee after the cafe has closed for the day and slowly yet steadily he starts asking Saif questions regarding his personal life and in return starts telling him his love story.

The movie has a lot of terribly directed scenes and some of the scenes are direct lift offs from other well known Bollywood movies. The actors in the movie have done a pretty sad job and the only thing worse than that is the direction combined with the editing. In a movie which involves narration based in different countries and cities the editing has to be slick, but in this case it feels like the editor himself got confused and was wondering what he was supposed to do.

The only good thing about the movie is the music. The music has some chart busters like Twist and Ahhoon Ahhon. Personally you can give this movie a mis but Im sure you will want to find out for your self.



Hey people the G2 or the HTC Magic is going to be launched soon. Sooner than you expect actually. The Magic is set to release in India within the next two months. This is happening with a Vodafone tie up. Soo sooner than any of us thought the Magic will be in India even before it launches in the US. 

For those of you who want to know more, please visit

Aah the irony of a boring Saturday. Went to watch Billu barber or should I say Billu ( Dont want to offend the Barber community.) Where do I start the scifi technology movie with twins being made in the movie or the fact that Shahrukh Khan or should I say Sahir Khan gets to show the world that he is King Khan and is bigger than any thing on Earth. 

The movie has some very slapstick humor like maa kahaan hai?? tel leme gayi hai….maa ke bare main aisa bolta hai….aree woh sachi main tel lene gayi hai….hahaha very funny (Sarcasm intended). Also, Lara dutta should decide if she likes her husband or Sahir Khan. In one scene shes dreaming about singing and dansing with Sahir and later when she sees him in real life she pulls her paloo to cover her face….sheeesh……Irfan Khan is the only decent performer in the movie. If you have ever read any of my previous posts you will know that I totally hate SRK. Watch this movie only if your bored, stupid, or a SRK fan.

Finally this movie should be called Billu Bhayankar instead of billu (If you dint know theres a song like that in the movie) also all the songs in the movie are rather stupid. What has the world come too with lyrics like marjaani khasmaanu khaani…..???? wtf

Avial – A South Indian coconut based curry made with different vegetables. Yes, am sure this is what you thought of. But like the title mentions Avial is also the name of a promising Malyalam Rock band. Yes, you read it right Mally rock. After the success ( small yet essential) of bands like agnee, agni and Indian Ocean comes a promising Mallu rock band. Even though I do not understand the language, the music and the texture of the songs have been powerful enough to make me a fan. A few of their songs have recived some recognition especially Nada Nada on youtube has become pretty sort after with 184,631 visitors ( but my favourite song by this band is Thakathara, which is not on their album and was made for a Mallu movie. The song is about a bold topic – lesbianism in a small town village. The music, the vocals (both male and female) are very good.

Hope you guys like this. If so, please do comment and I will try and get some more interesting music/music videos to you.

Over the months I’ve had the urge of blogging about certain things but then suddenly I feel that may be im better off not doing so. Not that I don’t know what im thinking of or what exactly I feel about certain issues. Let it be the Mumbai terrorist attack or the very recent Satyam management scam. Some times ive even opened my wordpress account and have started typing and then I just go ahead and keep them as drafts or go ahead and delete them. Sometimes I think how does it matter what I feel or what difference will my or even our views make in a country or in the world we live in. Issues such as the Pakistani army and their secret services and other fanatics associated with them, I personally feel that India should take a staunch step about the issue of terrorism. But then I think war is not the solution, but what else can be done? we have give proof and they just turn a blind eye and say no that is not proof and its just some information that you are passing on to us and we will do what we want. Haven’t the Pakistani beaurocrats and army officials heard of the concept of a spine and a back bone. They sure do act like spineless animals.  The day they realize that terrorists will one day end up running their country ( not that it hasn’t been done before with their country.) If you read my words a little closely you will realise that I have nothing against Pakistani folks/Civilians. But if the beaurocrasy and Army of a country behaves in such a devilish manner, it is the work of its people to make sure that justice prevails but then the people of Pakistan are blindly supporting what their Hukumat(Government in most countries) is saying. Personally I feel that both countries can not afford a war simply because they know that there will be tremendous destruction and nothing will come out of it. But what do you do when one side puts forth a hand of friend ship and the other keeps cutting the fingers off. Pakistan has been betraying India every single time. I am not trying to say that India is a perfect country and that Indian politicians are the best and that India is the best democracy on the planet. But still Pakistan has to support the fight against terrorism and has to take full fledged measures in destroying terrorist forces and should make sure its armed and allied forces do not involve in any terrorist activities. 

 Also, If the Pakistani forces or people think that if India attacks them and that other countries will support Pakistan, they are deffinitely mistaken also if they think that the Talibani forces will come in front and support them and fight for them. They should understand that this is what the Aamericans want and that this will give them more than enough reason to bring their forces towards India and invade Pakistand and the muct sort after Afganistan border. Either way one thing is for sure India should stop trusting Pakistani army and their leaders. 

The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper names its test team of the year. The team includes names such as Mendis, Kevin Peterson,

Rab ne banaadi jodi……ek hoor aur ek langur. Yes, this is what the movie is actually about.

On a boring sunday afternoon I call my friend and he says lets watch Madagascar 2, but thanks to my luck only tickets for Rab ne banaadi jodi were available. The very fact that there were tickets available at 2oclock for a 3oclock show should have been enough for me to understand how good the movie must be. Finally, I went ahead and watched the movie.

Shahrukh Khan looks like a 40 some thing guy (finally) and is called Suri. He’s a very normal, boring (Yes, as per SRK and YRF normal people are boring) middle class working man (who has a Compaq laptop and a Hyundai  i10 car coincidence that SRK is the ambassador for both brands) who has a regular 9 to 5 job in the city of Amritsar. One fine day SRK and this young girl get married (obviously full hindi film reason is mentioned in the movie) but she ignores him and finally tells him that she will never be able to love him or any other man. Here, lies the lie in the dialogue. She eventually ends up falling in love or liking Raj ( Hahahhaha yes Raj and if you dint know it already its SRK or Suri trying hard to be Maacho man ( Maacha and not Macho)) Let me tell you some thing SRK looks older as Raj rather as Suri, all the exercising has made him look so old and its high time he stop being Raj in his movies.

Blah blah blah she starts liking Raj and SRK is happy as he can see her smile and be happy even though she’s happy with Raj and not Suri but is sad for the same reason (dont forget they ARE the same person.) She then decides to runaway with Raj and leave Suri behind. But then in Bollywood ishtyle Rab (God) shows her the right path and Mr. and Mrs. Suri live happily ever after.

Please dont think that I was at a loss of words or forgot the story while writing the post. The truth is that there is hardly any thing new with this movie. It is the same old pakoda fried in new oil. The leading lady Anushka Sharma impressed me alot. She looks prettier on the BIG screen (pun intended – saw the movie in AdLabs which has now been renamed to BIG Cinema) than on the small screen (no not my laptop but the TV.) Like all SRK movies she didnt have too many things to do in the movie other than dance and get wet in the rain. But she still managed to stand out. Kudos to SRK and YRF to prove to us again and again that they can scam us of our money by serving us the same old stuff almost day in and day out.

Two months after the launch of the Google Android/Htc/T Mobile/G1 word is born that there is a new g phone that is almost ready to come into the market ( no am not talking about the Kogan Agora or the Kogan Aagora Pro launched recently in Australia) which is called the G2. Though this news has not been confirmed either by Google or HTC or T Mobile or any other mobile company but thats the word going around. The specs for the fone are supposed to include a 5mp camera with flash and is also expected to have a front vga camera for video calls, stereo bluetooth headphone support, certain bug fixes and is also said to be a full touch phone and may or may not have a full keyboard. Another bit doing the rounds is that the phone will most probably be a standalone and will not come bundled with any specific operator. Also, Google has provided Googlers G1’s as a holiday gift in certain countries (;posts) .

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What a day this has been. Right from being woken up by a friend, who thought pouring a bowl of cold water on me would be the best way for him to start his day. From there to some Chinese food which dint taste like what it should have. Also, the fact that I slept or tried to fall asleep for about 4-5 hours and then woke up realising that I still had a splitting head ache. However, the evening turned out pretty decent. Was surfing through channels and then finally found some thing that promised to be of some interest. You may have guessed it by now, It was Mtv’s roadies and not just any episode. It was tha Chandigarh auditions. Trust me it was good fun looking at all the looooosers and wanabees and also the pretty women. But as expected the moment those women started speaking, it was hhahhahahhaahahha and blaah blaaah all the way. Then randomly while switching channels, my day was made. Guess what i see on tv?? The sports highlights of the day and the moment I read that Dravid has scored a century my day was made. As usual there were haters who said that the should have played faster and should have attacked some more but knowing the genius and class batsman that he IS, im sure this is just the beginning of quest to make sure no one questions or doubts the legend that he is.