At this point in time im a 23 year old working for a top multi national company. I am writing this as I am at the airport waiting for a flight home. I have been with this company for a little over three years and have worked on a couple of interesting processes/projects. However, the current role that I am filling is my most interesting and diverse role to date. Some times when I sit at this particular coffee shop at this airport I feel at home already, I feel like this is an integral part of my life as if I was made to travel the world to see and feel new things. Right now I am not traveling on any official work, I hardly do. But how I wish regular travel and wining-dining with important and influential people would become part of my life. Some times I think I am made for bigger and better things, but as usual we all have to come back to this thing called planet earth. I also wish and feel that traveling helps me put thing back into order in my life. I am a kind of person who gets obsessed(read used to) with things and people very easily and to date that has always backfired on me and has pulled me down. As I sit here I have thoughts about what I am going to do in my life, where would I be in a years time, would i have restarted my eduction, would I be single, would i be married or heck would I even be alive. By now you must have realized that Im not the most optimistic person but still how much harm can thinking an dreaming really do ?