Has it ever happend with you that you spend some time with a person and start feeling a special bond with them, no matter if they feel the same? For me it is a usual feature in my life. Once or twice a year you end up finding some one who you feel you have some special bond with but most often than not the other person doesnt feel the same about you. Has it ever happend that the one you like ends up with a friend of your or with some one you know decently enough. This is a awkward truth about my life. This is some thing that has happend way too many times in the past. Does this mean that Im doing some thing wrong or am I just reading into things too fast. There are many times when I ask my self these questions and end up with the same answer every time. The answer normally is may be next time il do some thing right and all will be good. As of now this has never worked. I just hope I stop falling for people randomly and find some one who feels the same way I feel about them. Im not the most optimistic person around but still ou cant feel left out all the time can you.