One random day I heard about this movie with Arshad Warsi, Naseerudin Shah and Vidya Ballan in it.  I thought to my self it should be a good watch for sure. Finally the day arrived when the move that is ishqiya was in theaters. I finally managed to get tickets for th 8.15 pm show on the first day itself and if you’ve even seen any movie in India the fact that your getting a movie ticket so easily tells you a lot. After hearing vague reviews of the movie I went ahead and watched the movie with my room mate.

The movie to my surprise was very descent and not as slow as people were saying it was. Over the past few weeks I have watched movies like Dance pe Chance and Veer on day one so ishqiya was definitely a change and change that was worth my money and my time. All the actors in the movie have done a great job. Naseeruidin Shah and Arshad Warsi surprisingly had really good chemistry together 9not gay stuff ) and Warsi’s timing was impeccable. Also, the movie has some decent songs. As I am writing tis peice I am lisnign to the song Dil to bacha hai ji from the same movie.

Overall the movie is a must watch and some thing that does Indian cinema proud unlike movies like Veer and Chance pe dance.