At this point in time im a 23 year old working for a top multi national company. I am writing this as I am at the airport waiting for a flight home. I have been with this company for a little over three years and have worked on a couple of interesting processes/projects. However, the current role that I am filling is my most interesting and diverse role to date. Some times when I sit at this particular coffee shop at this airport I feel at home already, I feel like this is an integral part of my life as if I was made to travel the world to see and feel new things. Right now I am not traveling on any official work, I hardly do. But how I wish regular travel and wining-dining with important and influential people would become part of my life. Some times I think I am made for bigger and better things, but as usual we all have to come back to this thing called planet earth. I also wish and feel that traveling helps me put thing back into order in my life. I am a kind of person who gets obsessed(read used to) with things and people very easily and to date that has always backfired on me and has pulled me down. As I sit here I have thoughts about what I am going to do in my life, where would I be in a years time, would i have restarted my eduction, would I be single, would i be married or heck would I even be alive. By now you must have realized that Im not the most optimistic person but still how much harm can thinking an dreaming really do ?


Has it ever happend with you that you spend some time with a person and start feeling a special bond with them, no matter if they feel the same? For me it is a usual feature in my life. Once or twice a year you end up finding some one who you feel you have some special bond with but most often than not the other person doesnt feel the same about you. Has it ever happend that the one you like ends up with a friend of your or with some one you know decently enough. This is a awkward truth about my life. This is some thing that has happend way too many times in the past. Does this mean that Im doing some thing wrong or am I just reading into things too fast. There are many times when I ask my self these questions and end up with the same answer every time. The answer normally is may be next time il do some thing right and all will be good. As of now this has never worked. I just hope I stop falling for people randomly and find some one who feels the same way I feel about them. Im not the most optimistic person around but still ou cant feel left out all the time can you.

How many times do we do things that we dont want to do or how many times do we not do things that we want to do. Life is a very funny mixture of many such events. There are times when we hope we had made a move or taken a step in regard to some thing and many times you wish you hadnt done what we did.

There are also instances when we repent not doing some thing because it would hurt some one else but what about hurting ourself? being a good friend doesnt mean that you let your friends do what ever they want even if it hurts you.

Fortunately or unfortunately I like in the same area as the chief minister of my city. Living in such a prime area does have it perks, but it also has some annoyances. A couple of months back the chief mister was killed in a chopper crash. What this meant for me was hoards of people who were his supporters and sympathizers were on the road, parking cars on the wrong side of the road, blocking traffic and causing a hindrance to passers-by. But personally the most annoying reason of staying close to some one like the chief minister is when the chief minister decides to leave his place the same time as you. Maybe us poor mortals should have a particular time slot every day when we can enter or leave the area near our houses. Most often than not the chief ministers convoy causes the traffic in the area to come to a halt and only the ministers convoy is let to drive on the road. Many a times when I come downstairs and am waiting for my office cab I am forced to wait for the convoy to pass.

Personally, I feel that if you are so afraid of being killed then why take up a post of that stature and power. If you are so scared of death and still want to be a politician you may as well travel in a regular car along with regular traffic. No one will be able to identify you and no one will try to kill you. What is the point of having 10 cars that travel with the chief ministers car. Also, another thing I find hilarious is that they block all the traffic on the roads when the convoy is passing-by but what about the multiple storied building that surround the area or even the fly over on the main road. Every lay man who has seen his or her share of Hollywood movies knows that a sniper can still cause the necessary damage.

Also, I would like to conclude with a saying of my own ” The more security you have, the more insecure you are”

Peace !

Redbull who cam ein a close second in 2009 F1 has unveiled its new car. The RB – 6 designed by Aadrian Newey is supposed to an evolution in itself. Per the redbull team not many changes have been made to the car other than design changes.  To get a look at the new car visit

The Kindle (Amazon’s ebook reader) sure has become popular world over. Over the past few months I have heard a lot of people around me (In India) talking about buying a Kindle.  I personally do not see too much benefit from some thing like this as Im not a big fan of reading. However, the other day I came across a email in my Inbox. It was from some company called Infibeam which sells gifts and stuff in India. I opened the mail and was surprised to find their new product called the Pi. The Pi is a direct rip off from the Kindle. You wont be surprised if you have ever been to their site before, as the entire site looks very familiar. If you would like to fing out for your self do visit and then do visit

Also, those of you who are thinking of picking up a kindle do notice the price of the Pi and the Kindle. The Pi retails for Rs.1000 ($22) and the Kindle retails for $259 (Rs. 11914) So do let me know what you think and if you had to get one which one would you get.

Google has released its new WMD (Weapon Of Mass destruction) and its called Buzz. Those of you who are regular tweeters, Buzz is going to be paradise for you. Unlike Twitter you dont have a character limit (140 Characters in Twitter allowed) you can upload photos, videos, links etc directly in Buzz and all this directly from you GMail interface. Sure sounds good doesnt it. As of now only a few thousand accounts are able to view Buzz in their GMail, soon it should be available to all. This is Google’s answer to Twitter. Also, Buzz allows you to update statuses on multiple sites including Twitter, as of now it doesnt support Face Book. Personally I think Buzz is a great product but for it to be a Twitter killer could actually depends on if and when it allows updates on Face Book. Do let me know what you think about Buzz.

One random day I heard about this movie with Arshad Warsi, Naseerudin Shah and Vidya Ballan in it.  I thought to my self it should be a good watch for sure. Finally the day arrived when the move that is ishqiya was in theaters. I finally managed to get tickets for th 8.15 pm show on the first day itself and if you’ve even seen any movie in India the fact that your getting a movie ticket so easily tells you a lot. After hearing vague reviews of the movie I went ahead and watched the movie with my room mate.

The movie to my surprise was very descent and not as slow as people were saying it was. Over the past few weeks I have watched movies like Dance pe Chance and Veer on day one so ishqiya was definitely a change and change that was worth my money and my time. All the actors in the movie have done a great job. Naseeruidin Shah and Arshad Warsi surprisingly had really good chemistry together 9not gay stuff ) and Warsi’s timing was impeccable. Also, the movie has some decent songs. As I am writing tis peice I am lisnign to the song Dil to bacha hai ji from the same movie.

Overall the movie is a must watch and some thing that does Indian cinema proud unlike movies like Veer and Chance pe dance.

Whole of last week I was working on this list that all of a sudden became the most important thing in my team. All this because the unrealistic deadline that was set was rushing faster than an f1 car towards my team and me particularly. With all the helter skelter and the increased man power and non stop working week (Yes, non stop working week – was getting about 3 hours of sleep every night) I was able to get the list completed but am sure it would have been of much better quality if we had more time in hand.

After a weeks hard work I took the next day (Tuesday and half of wednesday) off. Tuesday turned out to be the best day ever. Waking ut at 12.40 in the afternoon is some thing Ive never done in my 22 years of existence and trust me it did feel nice. Then I was wondering what to do for lunch cause I was hungry as hell and lazy as well. With 150 bucks in my wallet and my credit card I decided to call all my options to check if they accept credit cards on delivery and for some weird reason I wasnt surprised that no one takes credit cards on delivery. Then finally I decided to order a pepperoni pizza from Dominos cause a friend of mine kept whinnying that it was the best pizza ever. To my surprise the pizza dude was before time and I had to ask him to wait and ran to the closest atm to get some cash 😛 lol this is true and the closest atm was shut. Then went to another atm n got the cash n ran back n gave it to the poor guy who looked kind of scandalized. Then I ate my pizza (what else did u expect ??? :P) Then I had a nice wash n stuff n it started raining and was online for a bit and to conclude all of this i went to sleep at around 930pm and woke up at 830 and was too lazy to get ready and go to work. So here I am now writting all this down on my blog and hoping the cab I had requested for arrives by 11 and that I can go to work, not to complete my work but because I wont have to worry about lunch…… hahah just kidding

My last blog post was some time in March. Now after almost a gap of 5 months, I am back and hopefully will continue to blog in a more regular fashion. In the last 5 months of my life a lot has changed and yet nothing has changed. I do know that my statement contradicts itself, but am sure all of us have faced some thing like this in our life time. So now all I can say is Cheers and thank you for reading my blog.